Join KoMSO e.V.

KoMSO is the Committee for Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization and since March 2018 a non-profit registered association (KoMSO e.V.). It acts as a Germany-wide network of scientists from the field of mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization (MSO) and potential users of this technology.

Any natural or legal person who supports the purpose of the association may become a member of the association. 
If you are enthusiastic about the activities of KoMSO e.V. and would like to join the association, you are welcome to send us your questions or an informal written application, e.g. by mail to komso<at> We would be happy to answer your questions about the admission procedure and the conditions of membership. 

Objectives of the association

§2 Association's purpose

(1) The purpose of the association is:
a. The promotion of scientific research and cooperation in the field of mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization (MSO) with institutions and organizations in science, economy, society and politics.
b. Public relations work, aimed to present mathematically relevant contributions to society and economy.
c. The association is politically and denominationally neutral.

(2) The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by:
a. Establishment and expansion of research groups in the field of mathematical MSO.
b. Promotion of the implementation of research and development projects with mathematical content.
c. Organization of the awarding of scholarships and grants.
d. Implementation of projects with mathematical content in the fields of science, business, education, politics and society.
e. Acquisition of funds through donations, contributions, allocations, grants, other contributions and further generated surpluses and profits as well as their forwarding for the promotion of tax-privileged purposes within the meaning of §2 (1) a.
f. Public relations work on mathematical topics in the fields of science, economics, education, politics and society.

(Source: Statutes of KoMSO e.V.)