2024 - KoMSO Academy

TorchPhysics: Deep Learning for partial differential equations, November 14 & 15, 2024

The Werner von Siemens Center for Industry and Science (Berlin), the Center for Industrial Mathematics (ZeTeM, University of Bremen) and the Committee for Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization (KoMSO) are happy to host the second edition of the KoMSO Academy dedicated to ‘TorchPhysics: Deep Learning for partial differential equations’.

The KoMSO Academy aims at offering mathematicians a platform for exchange on novel mathematical concepts relevant for industrial applications.

Deep Learning concepts for PDEs are booming and everybody working in this area is confronted with the challenge to decide on suitable architectures and concepts for tackling the respective problems. Hence, our present workshop aims at providing an overview of recent developments in deep learning concepts as well as it dedicates substantial hours to training sessions with hands-on examples.

The workshop is based on collaboration with Bosch and our joint TorchPhysics-project, see github.com/boschresearch/torchphysics and will be complemented by invited talks of distinguished experts in the field.

We would very much prefer to see you in Berlin in person. However, we will provide online access for a limited number of participants not able to attend in person.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin! For more information see here!