Year of Publication: 2017
Authors: M. Erbrich; S. Göttlich; M. Pfirsching

We are interested in an optimal packing density problem for materi
al flows on conveyor
belts in two spatial dimensions. The control problem is concern
ed with the initial configuration
of parts on the belt to ensure a high outcome and to further reduce co
ngestion.  An adjoint
approach is used to compare the optimization results from the micro
scopic model based on a
system of ordinary differential equations with the corresponding
macroscopic model relying
on a hyperbolic conservation law.  Computational results highl
ight similarities and differences
of both optimization models and emphasize on the benefits of t
he macroscopic approach

Corporate Authors: M. Erbrich; S. Göttlich; M. Pfirsching
Publication Language: eng
Start Page: 1
Type of Publication: Journal Article