Year of Publication: 2017
Authors: L. Chen; S. Göttlich; Q. Yin

In this paper a rigorous proof of the mean field limit for a pedestrian flow model in two dimensions is given by using a probabilistic method. The model under investigation is an interacting particle system coupled to the eikonal equation on the microscopic scale. For stochastic initial data, it is proved that the solution of the N-particle pedestrian flow system with properly chosen cut-off converges in the probability sense to the solution of the characteristics of the non-cut-off Vlasov equation. Furthermore, the result on propagation of chaos is also deduced in terms of bounded Lipschitz distance.

Corporate Authors: L. Chen; S. Göttlich; Q. Yin
Date Published: January
Volume: 166
Issue: 2
Publication Language: eng
Start Page: 211
Type of Publication: Journal Article